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Design Customer Experiences, Not Just Products

March 10, 2014 | Business,Creative,Web Design

customer experience

Lippincott’s CEO, Rick Wise, makes it clear in a recent article,that the days of focusing on your product advancement alone are over. He says it’s time to focus on creating customer experiences. The reason why customers choose one brand or company over another has changed over time from a focus on the best product at the best price to a desire for the best product, at a reasonable price, with the best overall experience.

Experience Design is a Step Up

Experience design is a step beyond what is commonly thought of as branding. What types of words come to mind when I say the word branding? Perhaps. . .logo? Color? Style? Corporate Identity? Well, designing the user’s overall experience with your company amplifies branding principles and extends them to each user touch point. Experience design takes into account what’s the most ideal for your customer and involves the two concepts below:

VIP Status Creation

What are little things that you can do to make your customer feel like a rock star? Many of the things that customers love are things that they don’t necessarily notice. Think about it, how often do you question the placement of buttons on a web page you visit every day? Or, do you remember the day after when you got a discount coupon automatically applied to your online shopping cart at check out?

Interestingly enough, the hospitality industry masterfully creates pleasant customer experiences. It makes a difference when you are presented with a warm towel (if you like that kind of thing), versus a regular napkin. How do you feel when you have a mint on your pillow or your car pulled up ready for you to take off? These are the kinds of experiences we need to make for your customers in the digital realm.

Small Little Details

If you’ve ever opened an Apple product, you know the feeling of opening something that you think is going to change your life forever.  Apple’s marketing and branding is primarily responsible for that; but, also the sleek, smooth and simple box itself that the product comes in.

Steve Jobs was onto something when he made sure that Apple products were packaged to create an experience for the customer that communicates a high level of value. In this example, the amount of value the company is communicating far outweighs the cost of the box that the product comes in. But, it’s a simple touch that crafts the experience.

At Studio 73, we can help you create great experiences for your customers, clients, and contacts by creating a website, a video, a promo reel, or other digital media that you need. We can also assist you in creating a vision for how you want users to experience your website and your branded materials. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us soon via

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