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Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits: It’s All About Emotions ?


How can social media marketing for nonprofits be improved? A nationwide survey by the Nonprofit Marketing Guide found that nonprofits use marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, engage community, acquire/retain donors and provide thought leadership. Today, the website and email newsletter are still two of the best and most widely used communication channels by nonprofits. But, […]

3 Wonderful Ways a Brand Development Firm Helps You

brand development firm

A brand development firm does much more than just figure out what your logo can look like. A brand development firm can help you position yourself within your sector, communicate your brand values, and design assets that may attract those that can contribute to your success. Brand development applies strategic decision-making to the way that […]

Digital Marketing 101: 3 Simple Steps to Start

content is king

If your business or nonprofit is looking for some digital marketing 101 info, just taking a look at the advice that’s out there can be overwhelming. There are fresh buzzwords every day and new social platforms almost every time you turn around. Where do you even begin? Let’s cut through all that clutter and start with some […]

Want Your Digital Marketing Objectives Realized? Here’s How Design Thinking Can Help

Design thinking is a process that informs good design decisions and is also a workable strategy for delivering on your digital marketing objectives. Good design has been elevated from the position of merely the technical know-how to put a pretty package on an idea that’s already in production, to a key component throughout the entire […]

3 Reasons to Optimize Your Site for Mobile Today

Users Spend More Time on Mobile Than Desktop More people in the United States are spending more time on their smaller screens for everyday tasks, like information-seeking and entertainment. If your site isn’t optimized for the mobile environment, you could be missing out on a number of potentially rewarding customer interactions. The 2015 Internet Trends Report […]

  • One Little Fact Any Great Email Marketing Agency Knows

    An email marketing agency’s expertise may seem overrated in the age of social, but listen up, there’s more to the story. Are Millennials Moved More by Social or Email Marketing? When you look at the most recent monthly active user numbers reported from the second quarter of 2016, Facebook comes in at 1.7 billion and Twitter at 313 […]

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