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4 Surprising Advantages of Training Video Productions

Training video productions are an effective and fun tool that can equip your team with the knowledge they need to perform at their best. When you think of internet videos, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Cat videos or viral video stars? Now, think of the last training session you attended. If you are lucky, you got a free lunch out of the deal, but chances are, unless you are really into learning, you had more moments of boredom than excitement.

If you’re like most you think of video often as a medium for entertainment alone. But, what if you could use that technology to foster the curiosity and learning of your team? Below are four reasons to consider training video productions to help your team grasp key concepts that are essential to their success.

Video Brings Your Best Trainer Anywhere

businessman leaning against a concrete wall with color business strategy

Some are hesitant to create training video productions because they value the human element in their current training processes. They know that they already have skilled talent who have been training their employees for years.

But, what if you had your best coach deeply involved in the training video production process? Then, their knowledge and enthusiasm could be shared with more people than just those that can fit into one room – and all at the same time!

Video Can Springboard Improvement

Building an evaluative portion into your training video productions can help you use it as a catalyst to improve your people, your company and your methods. What was it your mother always said? “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It can be intimidating to fill out evaluation forms and surveys honestly when the instructor is still in the room.  But, if you want to improve, you will need honest feedback about how effective your people feel your training is. Including a short survey at the end of a training video is an easy way to gather that data.

Video Offers Creative But Consistent Content

Creative but the same

Training video productions will deliver the same content — word-for-word, example-for-example to each person who attends a session. You can include just what you want. You’ll reduce the risk that’s involved with in-person presenters who may overemphasize certain points leaving little time for other crucial information your team needs.

Video Is Available As Often As You Need It

Trainees can view training video productions as many times as they need. That means a refresher is just one play button click away. With the right technology (something as readily available as a smartphone or tablet), you and your team can take your videos on the go and watch them anywhere.

Training video productions are making it easier for companies to train their teams. In fact, according to an enterprise report  based on survey data, “96% of businesses say video helps train employees better and faster.” Meanwhile,  a report by Cisco states, “87% of executives believe video has a significant and positive impact on an organization, citing benefits ranging from enhancing the experience of telecommuters to saving money on travel costs and even attracting top talent.” Want to get started your training video production? Give us a call to chat about how you’d like to see this tool at work for your team.

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